Supplements Information

Supplements Information

Bodybuilding Supplements May Not Be Necessary

To supplement or not to supplement - that is the question on more bodybuilder's lips than ever before. Are they safe? What works and what doesn't?Lets have a look at the basics.

Vitamin E

Three Important Nutrients - Vitamin E, Selenium, and Sodium and Potassium - for good healthVitamin EThere is has been a lot of controversy about vitamin E lately. In the news last month, the news media was pushing a story that "Vitamin E can cause you to die.

Evening Primrose Oil and Co-Enzyme Q-10: A Dynamic Supplement Duo for Women

During the past few years, I've become more interested in the subject of health and wellness. During this time, I've found the amount of information and variety of supplements overwhelming.

Liquid Vitamins and Nutrition - or Pills ?

Liquid vitaminsHardly does a day pass without the liquid vitamins viruses pills debate goes on.The important overall issue is getting good nutrition through food supplements.

How to Neutralize the Terrorists Within Your Body

Did you know that there are free radical biochemical "terrorists" systematically attacking your cells and the DNA of your cells everyday, on an average of 10,000 hits per day?These internal weapons of mass destruction are abnormal (free radical) oxygen molecules that are destroying your health and accelerating the aging process. 73% of all diseases are caused by these free radical biochemical "terrorists" molecules.

Vitamins for the Recovering Alcoholic

I have frequently heard alcoholics who are in early recovery remark that, "If this is what recovery is like, I'd rather go back to drinking." Vitamin deficiencies, particularly of the B vitamins and vitamin C, may be responsible for much of the lethargy, skin irritation, memory loss and depression experienced by people who are newly recovering from an addiction to alcohol.

Are Glyconutrients for Real?

If glyconutrients are for real, why aren't they all over the news? Why haven't we heard about this before? These are just a couple of the skeptical questions encountered when sharing the life changing gift of glyconutrients with others. How do we know the science behind these products is real, and has the scientific community really embraced the field of glycobiology?A look at the numbers and the scientific communities involved in glycobiology reveal clues to what's really going on.

Why Fucose?

Haven't heard of fucose? Think it's the latest teen dance craze? Think again, because fucose could make a huge difference in your quality of life.Fucose is a rare sugar, one of the eight known bioactive sugars essential for proper cell to cell communication.

Supplements - How To Take Them

It's unfortunate but many people have digestive systems that find it hard to break down food and absorb nutrients - this can be caused by poor levels of stomach acid, toxic substances in the gut, insufficient production of digestive enzymes among other reasons. This condition can of course be dramatically improved as nutrient intake is increased slowly.

Grreen Power

It's green, it's valuable, and it can vastly improve your quality of living.One more hint: It's not money.

Coral Calcium: Achieving Optimum Health

The more I study health and fitness, the more convinced I become that the well-maintained human body is a truly remarkable machine. Every small part functioning in its place.

Sugar, Vitamin C and Competitive Inhibition

Carboloading of a different variety.Saturday in Tucson before the 1982 version of the Tucson Marathon we were sitting on the Gentle Ben's patio with some of our running friends from Albuquerque having some carbohydrates of the liquid variety.

Vitamin for Boosting your Immune System

Turmeric, in all honesty is not a vitamin, but it can certainly help to boost your immune system. Of course Turmeric is a herb and in recent years has become quite popular in the Spice Rack of modern day kitchens.

How To Choose A Good Quality Vitamin Supplement For You And Your Family Without Getting Ripped Off

As you may have already experienced, figuring out how to choose a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement can be a confusing and time consuming task.The purpose of this article is to look at several important factors that you should consider when looking for a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement and to provide you with resources where you can learn more.

Balancing Your Hormones Naturally -- What To Do First

One of the questions that I frequently get asked is "What steps do I need to take to begin getting my hormones in balance?" The following is what I suggest:Test your hormone levels. This should be done by utilizing both saliva testing and blood testing.

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Inspired by Marie Kondo's "Tidying Up," we round up ways to prioritize and organize your work life.

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The Girl Scouts are getting ready for cookie selling season again, but this year, there's a new cookie in the line-up.

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As the founder of office supply company ZerModus, Elizabeth Fischer understands the need for a space to outline New Year's resolutions, which is why her ...

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VALDOSTA – Being physically active is one of the most important actions individuals of all ages can engage in to improve their health, according to a recent ...

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If you're currently enrolled in a training program, whether that's post-graduate training, trade school, certification, or a college degree, chances are you have a ...

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In case you forgot, the new year is less than a week away, meaning it's time to reflect on 2018 and bid the past 12 months adieu (much to the relief of many).

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The new year offers a chance for transformation and new beginnings, and for many people, it's a chance to dedicate themselves to a healthier lifestyle.

How to set goals for health and make 2019 your year to get fit  St. George Daily Spectrum

A new year is a time to reflect and set goals. Successful people set goals to help organize their time and resources. Setting goals enables long-term vision and ...

You Don’t Need Motivation to Lose Weight, You Need Discipline

Nobody feels “motivated” all the time. If you're serious about getting in shape and want to stay consistent this year, you need to learn how to build discipline.

Napa City Council to set 2019 goals at weekend meetings  Napa Valley Register

The Napa City Council will gather this weekend to plot its policy priorities during 2019. The goal-setting workshop takes place early each year, allowing council ...

Camden sets year-end and goal-setting meetings |  Carroll County Comet

The Camden Town Council met Dec. 12 for its last regular meeting of 2018. Mark Schock presided in the absence of president Brent Deel. Two meetings were ...

Women's Business Alliance begins monthly networking breakfast - News  Daily Comet

The Women's Business Alliance is kicking on the new year with a new bi-monthly informational and networking breakfast. The first “Leadership and Lattes” event ...

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Resolutions, family vacations and birthday celebrations, the New Year has kicked off on the right foot for Bollywood. Here's proof...

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Youth Leadership Fish Tank Camp Registration Open - Cleveland, OH - The Effective Leadership Camp LEAD is now accepting registrants.

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Are you resolved to make financial changes in 2019? Here's how to stick with them for all 12 months of the year, and beyond.

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Using the SMART system is a good way to approach weight loss and good eating.

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