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Mesothelioma Cancer and Asbestos

(Submited by: Michael Wong )

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer which occurs in thin membranes (called the mesothelium) lining the chest, lungs, abdomen and sometimes the heart. Although quite rare, mesothelioma symptoms strike more than 200 people each year in the United ... Read article

Mesothelioma or Asbestos Cancer

(Submited by: Mike Plank )

Mesothelioma: What is it?Mesothelioma is a malignant cancerous disease of the cells lining the patient's body cavities such as chest, abdominal region or the area surrounding the heart. It is thought to be associated with exposure to ... Read article

Mesothelioma Research

(Submited by: Steve Austin )

Research offers hope of cure for mesothelioma. A laboratory mouse fully recovered from mesothelioma and built up immunity to further tumors during trials of a new mesothelioma research & treatment regime being tested by West Australian ... Read article

What Are The Four Stages of Mesothelioma Cancer?

(Submited by: David Arnold Livingston )

One rare form of cancer is called Mesothelioma, a malignant tumor in the mesothelial tissues of the lungs and the abdomen, arising from the inhalation of asbestos. Its rarity is one of the reasons why a lot of people are not aware of this kind of ... Read article

Mesothelioma: More About this Asbestos Cancer

(Submited by: David Arnold Livingston )

Cancers and other forms of diseases are usually named according to the part of the body or the internal organ where abnormal growth of malignant cells takes place. In the case of Mesothelioma, the abnormal cells grow in the mesothelium, a ... Read article

Frequently Asked Questions About Mesothelioma

(Submited by: Maggie Kay )

Many people have never heard of Mesothelioma and are unaware of its symptoms. Although considered a rare form of cancer, each year the number of cases grows. With the prevalence of this disease on the rise, it is critical to understand why and ... Read article

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