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Mesothelioma - Cancer that Strikes 40 Years Later

(Submited by: Rick Hendershot )

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer in which malignant (cancerous) cells are found in the mesothelium, a protective sac that covers most of the body's internal organs. Most people who develop mesothelioma have worked on jobs where they inhaled ... Read article


(Submited by: Lorraine Kember )

Tragically the word mesothelioma is becoming more and more well known, the mere mention of it striking fear into all of us for we know that it is associated with death. Asbestos is the reaper, mesothelioma its hand maiden.Asbestos, the ... Read article

Gene Therapy for Mesothelioma

(Submited by: Todd Going )

An exciting new treatment that has given hope to mesothelioma victims is called gene therapy. Gene therapy attempts to decipher why proteins within certain cells cause them to be resilient to cancer while some cells do not. A while back it was ... Read article

Mesothelioma - The Largest Man Made Epidemic

(Submited by: Lorraine Kember )

It is documented that Australia had the highest per capita use of asbestos in the world from the 1950s until the 1970s. As a tragic consequence, Australia now has the highest per capita incidence of mesothelioma in the world. With more than 500 ... Read article

Mesothelioma in the UK

(Submited by: Anika Logan )

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the external lining of the lungs (pleura) and the lower digestive tract (peritoneum). The disease has been linked to exposure with asbestos dust. Cancer of this kind is uncommon and rarely is a result ... Read article

Screening for Mesothelioma

(Submited by: Todd Going )

Doctor appointments are critical to make sure youre staying in proper health. However, exposure to asbestos presents an added urgency for routine appointments. Because asbestos related diseases take decades to form, early detection is critical ... Read article

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