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Filing A Mesothelioma Lawsuit

(Submited by: Craig Rowe )

Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos fibers, and this cancer can reduce lifespan to a matter of months from the onset of symptoms. Over recent years, the number of mesothelioma cases coming to light has risen ... Read article

Mesothelioma Book - Review

(Submited by: Lorraine Kember )

"Lean on Me" Cancer through a carer's eyes Lorraine Kember (2003) 130pp.ISBN 0 646 49969 6As Janet Craven, palliative care nurse, and Andrew Dean, palliative care physician note in their respective forwards to this book, Lean on ... Read article

Asbestos - Mesothelioma

(Submited by: Wayne Walker )

Asbestos is a naturally occurring, fibrous mineral found in the ground and mined all over the world. It is so small it can only be identified under a microscope. In the past, asbestos was added to various products such as insulation to increase ... Read article

Selecting Your Mesothelioma Attorney or Law Firm

(Submited by: Craig Rowe )

As with anything in life, when looking for legal assistance to claim compensation for asbestos injury you want to get the best legal advice available. This is particularly true with legal cases involving an injury such as mesothelioma, where ... Read article

Why Opt for an Experienced Mesothelioma Attorney?

(Submited by: Craig Rowe )

There are many attorneys around today, some of who specialize in particular areas of law and others that deal with a wide range of legal issues. When it comes to a sensitive and often complicated area such as mesothelioma litigation, it is always ... Read article

Mesothelioma: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, and Lawsuits

(Submited by: David Arnold Livingston )

What is Mesothelioma? Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that grows on the mesothelium, the membrane or protective sac that surrounds the various organs of the body. It guards the organs by producing a special type of fluid to promote ... Read article

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